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Spec Sheet

Not to leave Will out of the fun, we’ve created our newest collection after his favorite characters in the movies – from Peter Pan to Pirates of the Caribbean.  But we didn’t want just “any” pirate ship, we followed our usual path by not even looking in the market place for what exists already for fear of tainting our creativity.  And we stayed true to the company’s 3 themes: looking like the real thing, a center piece and night lights.  That left us with a galleon for a ship, and many ideas to follow.  And what we created, we think will be more than just a bed or a pirate ship bed, but fun-filled, high-spirited, wayfaring voyages for every boy – and girl – setting sail for that grandson as the bed will transcend time just as the pirates of over 200 years ago.

Will’s collection  is designed for both appeal but also for storage.  We won’t deny the obvious, it isn’t small!  But it should fit most basic rooms.  Just as “unique” as My Princess Collection is, Captain Will’s Pirate Collection will stand out in a crowd and sail on from one son’s dreams to the next generation!

The bed:
The beds sizes are twin and full.  Both sizes are shipped in 4 parts. Each bed is composed of the best veneers and solid woods.  For exterior woods, we use New Zealand select pine as both veneers on the bow and stern and solid pine on the side rails and frames for the drawers or trundle options.

The bed is composed of 3 sections: Bow, Stern and mid-ship section is a knock down due to shipping issues.  Please see instructions for assembly. When shipped, the head and footboards come fully assembled. Customers will still have to attach external pieces, such as the ship's wheel, mast, sail, etc. The average assembly time is just over an hour for one person, however, we always recommend having the little pirate around to help and especially a camera. Some of our customers dress up for the occassion too!

Overall Dimensions :
Bed w/Mast (L x W x H): 9’-5.5” x 42.5” x 7’-6”
Bed w/o Mast (L x W x H): 9’-5.5” x 42.5” x 37.5”

Bed w/Mast (L x W x H): 9’-5.5” x 58.75” x 7’-6”
Bed w/o Mast (L x W x H): 9’-5.5” x 58.75” x 37.5”

Bow (footboard): Just as a real ship, the bow is curved both from side to point and curved down from the gun rail center to the keel – necessary to cut through those rough waters ahead.  The inside deck of the bow is level with a 10” mattress.  Mattresses are not sold with the bed and the size of the mattress only matters as it relates to standard twin and full size beds.  Thickness is the option of the buyer (9” to pillow-top).  There are two deck compartments, left and right sides, flush with the deck (somewhat concealed) and opened with a finger hole in the lids. And the first centerpiece for the bed is the ship’s wheel.  The ship’s wheel spins left and right freely where a boy can stand on the bow and or the mattress edge and command the roughest of adventures in the mightiest of storms and heartiest of seas.

Stern (headboard): Not wasting space, there are 3 sock drawers on each side of the stern.  We’ve included 2 drawers in the headboard below the deck and above the mattress.  The upper deck of the stern is set perfectly for pictures, books and various decorative things.

At the center of the deck and stern is a mast rising up to a height of 84 ” from the floor to the tip, but is adjustable for ceiling heights greater than 8’.  The width of the crossbeam of the mast is equal to the sides of the ship and comes with a specially designed spring and bolt so that the crossbeam, when pulled upon, will swing down and out of the joint in the mast.  This is a safety feature to prevent “swinging” from the mast.  And no, we didn’t forget the crow’s nest that slips over the top of the mast, the ideal place for small pirate figurines, parrots, etc.

Above that, is a pennant of wood that the buyer can hand paint his or her little pirate’s name.  And for a fee, we can hand carve your little pirate's name into the wooden pennant; it's a nice and lasting touch! The sail drapes down from the crossbeam to just 13” above the deck.  The sail is made of a canvas material and includes an imprinted map.  Aside from some of the names on the map, the little pirate can draw his/her own treasure route and mark the spot with an X.

Back down to the sides of the stern, there is a window on each side. We use a 12V universal power supply to convert 120/220 power that light up 8 (4 each side) LED lights. Combinded with the power supply, this is a great safety feature. There's a switch on the deck of the headboard to turn the lights on and off. Each window has four plexiglass panes. The bed ships with 8 frost window panes, but also INCLUDES 4 each in colors yellow, red, blue, green and can be interchanged.

Mid-Ship (side rails and components): The side rails are made up of solid wood.  There is a façade below the side rails that comes standard with the bed.  Both sides of the bed have fake drawers with handles that mimic cannons coming out of a port hole and door.  The handles are painted black.  Each drawer face in the standard model, opens on a hinge to allow for storage under the bed, or more likely for that little hideaway for any little pirate’s treasure.  It’s perfectly safe, because the mattress can always be lifted up for access below.

Trundle/Storage Drawers Option: The side frame for the façade of drawer faces can be detached from the actual bed and reattached to a trundle “box”.  This allows the user to move the trundle to either side for a sleepover.  Increasing storage space is simple.  The storage drawer option is a self-sustaining/supporting box houses the drawer boxes with slides.  In this case, however, do not detach the frame from the bed, but detach each fake drawer from the frame and attach to the drawer boxes.  The supporting box for the drawers are mounted to the frame from the inside.  You can put up to two sets of storage drawers in a bed.

Make-Up and Colors:
The bed is made up of New Zealand select pine and high-density MDF and plywood Veneers meeting US CARB standards, among the strictest in the world.  We are offering 2 colors of stains right now, but are open to adding more colors in the future.  The options are a 1) Dark Espresso and 2) is a Chocolate.

As with all of our products, we do offer custom colors.  There is a fee for this, and customers can provide paint samples from stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, etc.  Simply tell us the number, and we’ll pick one up and match it.  There is an 8 to 12 week time frame on special colors or paints that depends on the timing of the order with each batch of beds being produced.

All case goods:
Carefully crafted, each casegood fits the bed but is also cost effective. We offer a special 7-drawer dresser, 1-Drawer with doors nightstand, Stepstool, Storage Drawers underside of mattress, trundle and treasure chest/toy chest.

All case goods are a mix of solid wood and veneers.  All drawer faces, top surfaces and decorative profiles are made in veneer just as large flat surfaces use the veneers, an excellent choice for strength and smooth texture after painting.  In addition, each drawer “box” is made from solid wood and unfinished and uses dovetail joints for expert craftsmanship, the best and strongest joints made, and mounted on metal sliders. 
All case goods are stained and lacquered in matching colors.

Note: Specifications are subject to changes without notice and at the discretion of Dream Rooms for Kids, Inc.


Click to see larger image (Chocolate). Click to see larger image (Chocolate). Click to see larger image (Chocolate).
Special Thanks to Kevin Jr., and His Parents Joy and Kevin, for Sharing His Room with Us.
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Below is our Twin Size Version in Dark Espresso

Below is our Twin Size Version in Dark Espresso

Full Size Version in Chocoate with facade doors open








We also offer hand carved names in the wooden pennant above the crow's nest. We can carve using your choice of font. Just send us a MS Word document with the name in font you like; we'll do the rest. There is a fee to do this.

All beds come with our Treasure Map sail. The sail is designed so that little pirates can write their own names for islands, seas and "treacherous waters". We recommend using washable markers so you can wash the sail out if later wanting to change the names.



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